Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Starting My Photo Fall

This is the time of year that I eagerly await. The mornings are much cooler than even two weeks ago. The tourists are gone for the most part. Bugs are a distant memory. And the fall colors are starting to show themselves.

Eighth Lake Morning

I started my annual photo fall this morning at Eighth Lake, which I have rarely photographed in the past. I don't usually frequent the state campgrounds, because there's just too much activity for the type of shooting that I like to do, but I figured I'd give it a try.

It looked to me like there would be heavy fog to start things off, but this changed very quickly with the arrival of a small front. What I eventually got was a spectacular cloud display over a very still Eighth Lake. A great way to start my shooting this season!

All the while a middle-aged man and his father worked on the shore to get their boat ready for a morning of fishing. It seemed like it took then an awfully long time to finally get going, but then I realized that it wasn't about the fishing. At that moment I realized that I'd gladly leave all my camera gear on the shore and walk away if I could have another opportunity to go fishing with my Dad.