Thursday, September 16, 2010

One To Remember

Day 3 of my fall shoot-out. I could tell when I stepped outside that conditions were potentially great for shooting over open water. I was expecting frost this morning, as that was the forecast as of last night. But the low temps never materialized because of the cloud cover. (To an Adirondacker 41 deg. isn't a low temp!) There was some high altitude cloud cover, with quite a number of openings. I passed on my previous plans and decided to go find some inspiration at Raquette Lake.

A Raquette Lake Morning

There was about a 15 minute window of rapidly changing conditions. I've never seen things change that quickly and drastically over such a short period of time. I missed numerous opportunities because of it, but I am very pleased with the few shots I pulled off. Raquette never stops calling me, and never stops amazing me.

The photo above was a gift to me. I share it here as a gift to someone special. You know who you are...