Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Friend, Nancy

I remember the first time I met Nancy Rotenberg. I was attending a photo workshop put on by Adirondack Life magazine in the mid-90's. Nancy was one of the leaders. I remember thinking: "This woman is like a magnet!". She was just so full of life that she was impossible to ignore. Not only that but she was doing beautiful work. We became friends that weekend.

Our friendship lasted many years, and became the foundation for the Adirondack Photography Institute. Working with Nancy was always the highlight of my year. The two of us, along with Nancy's good friend and assistant Linda Torbert, laughed and worked and laughed some more. These were the most wonderful moments of my life. If I was fated to be stuck in a time-warp, I would choose to spend it just the three of us, forever laughing our way across the Adirondacks, dragging sleep-deprived workshop participants in tow.

The news that I have been dreading for some time came this morning. My friend Nancy is gone.

I could write about her forever, but I should leave her spirit to the silence. I love you Nancy and I will never forget.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Smiling in My Exhaustion

Great weather this weekend in Lake Placid! I'd forgotten just how hard it is to drive straight from Cleveland into a workshop. But it was worth it. This was a great group that laughed a lot and made some really great images. (Best Milky Way picture I've seen!)

I met some people I'll never forget. And had some beautiful surprises.

I'm going to act like an invalid tonight in Inlet. Make some visits on Monday. Then home. (boo) What's it going to take for me to just be here? Can't wait to get back up here for the retreat...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Workshop This Year!

It's been way, way too long since I've been here, but here I am at last! My first workshop of the year! I get to see all my friends from Adirondack Life, most of the API staff and have a great time in Lake Placid. They were calling for nasty weather, but it has been perfect the whole time. And, what a surprise when I opened the door to my room at the Northwoods and saw the killer view of Mirror Lake, Whiteface and Main Street. I am SO happy!

One more day and then back to Inlet...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brian Henke and then the Woods

It's only fitting that I was able to watch Brian Henke perform last night. He's such a great player and I use his work in nearly all of my Adirondack-related presentations. So his music reverberates in my mind as I prepare for my Lake Placid workshop coming this weekend. Brian and I are also planning a special event together highlighting our new work, probably taking place early next year. Stay tuned!

You can get a nice sampling of Brian by watching this video I made to promote Adirondack Photo Institute. His music is available on cdbaby.