Sunday, May 9, 2010

On The Closing Of The Moose River Plains

I've been thinking about this all day. For those who don't know what "this" is you can see what I'm talking about by clicking here (if you have a Facebook account).

Anyone who knows me very well knows that when angry I have a hard time expressing myself without blurting out anything less than an unacceptable number of f-bombs. I'm trying to convince myself that this situation doesn't make me angry, without much luck.

I guess more than anything I'm sad. Sad that maybe I'll never watch my nieces jump rock to rock in Otter Brook. Sad that maybe I won't hear rumors about where the brook trout have magically reappeared and are starting to break water again. Sad that I may not get another chance to chase moose at Mitchell Ponds. Sad even that I may not see the Barnyard Refrigeration guy again at the League Club gate.

It #$&%-ing sucks...

A quote from Edward Abbey seems appropriate:

"One can imagine a sane, healthy, cheerful society based on no more than the principals of common sense, as validated each day by work, play, and living experience. But this remains the most utopian and fantastic of ideals."

I think that the good people congregated near the Inlet and Cedar River entrances to the M.R.R.A. probably have a way better idea how to utilize, manage, and respect the Plains than the State does.

Just sayin...