Saturday, January 29, 2011


I dream the shape of your words,
hair crashing down as the waterfall.

Your surprise an expanse of fireworks
always ending in a smile.

The sound of your winter
always brings you back.

As alive as a memory can be,
almost to touch you.

Just you...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reflections On Opening Night

It certainly was fun showing my first new exhibit in over four years, at home, finally. The turnout was quite large for an exhibit of this type, in a community center as opposed to a gallery or art center.

Many of the people who I can count on to come to my exhibits in Ohio were surprised to see that I haven't even been doing the kind of work that they know me for. It was nice that my current approach was accepted so graciously by everyone I was able to spend time with, the opening being so busy.

I notice a common theme wherever I've shown this work. People are far more engaged than they were with my more traditional nature work, asking lots of questions, commenting on subtle details, and so forth. There is very obviously a direct connection being made with the new pieces, which I find personally satisfying and also enlightening. I am learning things about my own work, from others.

Most comical exchange from last night: A guy raved about how he'd never really liked anything heavily Photoshopped, that it usually looks overdone to him, but that I had become so good at it that my work is on a level all its own. (Something like that.) He was so sincere that I didn't have the heart to tell him that all the images were created in-camera, Photoshop being used basically just to do minor corrections and the printing. I'm still laughing inside. It's amazing the assumptions people make.

Looking forward to my next Ohio show. Don't ask me where. Now I've got to find a place...